The slightly esoteric name of this website has a colorful origin from the history of medicine. Melancholia, the latin name for depression, comes from the Greek melas + khole, or "black bile". According to the "four humours" theory posited by Hippocrates and refined by Galen, any imbalance of any of the humors (yellow bile, black bile, blood and phlegm) would result in disease. A preponderance of "black bile" could produce a melancholic state. Aside from the important lesson that the founding fathers of allopathic medicine were well aware of the state we now recognize as depression, this site has a much more immediate and profound intent and relevance to modern day practitioners of medicine.                                                                        

Melencolia I Albrecht Durer 1541

Although principally aimed at physicians, any interested party can participate and help to grow this site. The site will be perpetually "under construction", because knowledge is empowering, and sharing is healing. Contributions of time, information, and funds will help to insure the site's survival, and possibly that of healers who are suffering. To contact us, submit a feedback form.  If you are currently suffering, all that we ask is that you give us your attention; and accept from us the certain knowledge you will survive, and be a better physician for having experienced this illness.     Never Give Up Hope!